At Hickory Ridge, you will find a group of people committed to becoming more like Jesus. Everything we do is geared toward connecting to Christ, to His church, and to the community. From the youngest child to the most senior adult, our desire is for everyone to experience the thrill of a life lived passionately pursing God.

We believe that pursuit will change your life and the lives of those around you. It does not happen in a moment, it happens one step at a time, as we follow Jesus!

Join us as we live this adventure together!

Our country is deeply divided. Too many people refuse to hear differing opinions or even talk to those with whom they disagree. The church is meant to be different than the world; it is meant to be UNDIVIDED. But is an UNDIVIDED church what we see, especially when it comes to race?

How does Jesus respond to race, racial division, racial reconciliation? And how does His response impact the church’s message to the world today?

In this series, Pastor Justin will look at how the Bible addresses one of the biggest issues of our day. Answering questions like: What is race? What is the nature of racism? What does reconciliation actually look like?