At Hickory Ridge, we know that life works best when we are living in obedience to God and in community with each other. We are not a church where one man is lifted up - but rather, where all are encouraged to know Jesus and to use their giftings to honor Him!

We want you to know the heartbeat of Hickory Ridge; We love God, love people, and would love for you to join us - in person, or online!


At Hickory Ridge, our focus is on four main areas. By growing in these areas, we believe we can make a huge difference in the lives of those we know and those we have yet to meet! 


The Bible is the playbook on how we can best live our lives. We strongly believe that if we "learn and run the plays" - our lives have greater purpose and we grow stronger as a community. We rely on what the Bible says so that we may grow closer to God and live up to the plan He has for our lives!


As followers of Christ, our desire is to hold Jesus up as the standard for our lives. Our gameplan is to point people to Jesus - not ourselves - by loving others like He did! This means our heart is that everything we say and do should be characterized by humility, sacrificial love and grace.


Let's face it - life is hard! While life does not magically get easier as a follower of Jesus, it does get better! At Hickory Ridge, life is better because of the many encouraging and supportive folks who celebrate our joys and rally in our pain. They understand that love is a verb - actively giving!


Jesus gave us our BIG play when he commanded us to go and to make disciples. We know that making most things is not an instataneous moment but rather a faithful process. We live to make disciples who themselves go and make disciples - honoring God by running the play!