It's time to grow up, and be the man God has called you to be!

There’s no doubt, men of today are struggling. With suicide rates four times higher than women, and substance abuse issues twice that high, it’s clear men are experiencing pain, uncertainty, and dysfunction that is quite literally killing them. To be sure, women also face immense pressures, and their own unique struggles, but without a doubt men need help.


The thing is, there aren't many places for men to turn to for help. Whether they want to admit it or not, men need strong emotional bonds, deep connections, and ties to other men.


They need a place where they can be among other men who will encourage them to live their lives to the fullest; learning to be a protector, warrior, leader, servant, and friend.


They need a place where the men they’re with will challenge them to pursue God, rather than distractions, and where they’ll be called to step up, rather than settle for the embarrassingly low standards we see of the men in popular culture.


That's why we created this group.


We'll meet five times over the course of 2024 - and we're challenging you to commit to make every effort you can to attend each one!


At each meeting you can expect great food, like a taco bar, buffalo wings, smash burgers, BBQ, or brats & sausages... plus a short, 'Ted-Talk' style teaching, discussion groups, and a time to hang out as men.


Are you ready? Then sign up below!


It’s time to grow up. To quit being an immature boy, running around in a man’s body, and as it says in 1 Corinthians, “put childish things away, and become a man.”