At the heart of Hickory Ridge is our passion to see people connect to God and to one another. Everything we do is geared toward helping people make those connections.

We want people to:

Connect in the Church (to God)

Connect to the Church (to each other)

Connect through the Church (to the community)

Connect with Us 

We are excited that we get to tell people about the life-changing message of Jesus as well as to encourage people to live transformed lives. At Hickory Ridge, our church is on a "search and rescue" mission to connect individuals and families with Christ in a new and in a deeper way. Come join us on the journey!


Join us for a great weekend gathering at Hickory Ridge where people experience God, encourage each other and leave better than when they arrived! 


Life is better connected! Our small groups focus on the prayer and care we give to each other as well as on the impact we make in our communities!


Discover the steps to your growth by exploring what God says about you.  You are the church - connect your giftings to God's plan so you will be the church!


We look most like Jesus when we are serving others! You get fulfillment when you give - particularly when you give out of what God put inside of you!