More information on Hickory Ridge

More information on Hickory Ridge


When are your services?


Our Sunday service starts at 10AM, and lasts about 60 minutes, including live worship and a practical teaching.


You may also join us online here every other hour. 


Student Ministries make Wednesday's the best night of the week for Middle & High Schoolers! From 6:30 - 8:30pm, we have music, a message, and small group time where students can grow with their peers.  Games & snacks are also a regular part of the picture!

Where do you meet?


In-person at 12237 Sussex Highway, Greenwood DE 19950

or online at

What should I wear to a service?


Whatever you feel comfortable in!

A t-shirt and jeans, a dress shirt and slacks, a sundress, a sweater... We've got people with all sorts of different styles here!

Why doesn't Hickory Ridge offer Sunday school?


Instead of providing adult Sunday school classes on Sunday mornings in the church building, we provide small group environments, called Connect Groups, that meet at a variety of times during the week.


We believe the small group is the best place for sustained life change to occur. In a small group, people discuss God’s Word together and are in a small enough environment to discuss the issues and challenges of life. It’s also where they pray and care for one another and where they are missed if they don’t show up!


Does Hickory Ridge Church have membership?


At Hickory Ridge, we want you to know that the moment you walk through the doors, you belong here and can consider this place your church home, no title needed.


Since we don’t have traditional membership, you won’t be able to “join” the church as a “member” – but we hope you become fully engaged in the life of the church. Those who are fully engaged with us are considered our members. We describe full engagement as: 


1.  Connecting in a Group


2.  Serving Strategically


3.  Inviting Others


4.  Giving Regularly

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Church Overview

Our Mission. Our Strategy. What we believe.

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