As we enter into the Easter season here at Hickory Ridge, we want to intentionally seek the Lord together with 21 days of prayer and fasting. Our desire in doing so is to align ourselves up with God’s word and God’s will both personally and corporately for the year ahead.


The overall goal of fasting is intimacy with God. Biblical fasting allows us to eliminate distractions for a spiritual purpose. This happens as we deny ourselves and transfer our hunger for food and other pursuits to a hunger for God and his word. The word promises that when we draw near to God, he will draw near to us (JAMES 4:8) 


As we intentionally set aside that which consumes our minds, bodies, and emotions, we create space and time for more of God’s presence and power. In MATTHEW 6:16, Jesus says, “And when you fast…” revealing the assumption that fasting would be part of a believer’s life. Fasting is not mandated in scripture. However, it is a privilege we are given in order to see God more clearly, sense his presence more acutely, and open our lives to his power more fully.


As we fast and pray together, let’s open our hearts to hear God’s voice by reading his word. During these 21 days, let’s take time to worship God and seek Him more diligently and expect Him to reward our efforts (HEBREWS 11:6)!