If you want to partner with us and host a Connect Group, check out our host guide and FAQ below to take your next steps toward getting your group started!



Connect Group FAQ

1. Can Anyone Lead a Connect Group? 

A Connect Group leader is one who is committed to growing in each of the following spiritual disciplines:

·    ATTEND our Sunday gathering/church events and protect the unity of our Hickory church family.

·    SERVE others on one of our Hickory Ministry Teams and give of your time/talents. 

·    CONNECT more deeply with our church family through a Hickory Ridge Connect Group.

·    GIVE regularly and joyfully to Hickory Ridge from the finances God has given to you. 

·    SHARE the life-changing love of God with others by example, invitation and encouragement.

2. Do I Need to Provide Childcare? 

No, it is not required - though it might be something to consider!

Should it be needed, and fit the style of your group, Hickory Ridge will partner with parents to help offset the cost of childcare while they attend your group. Check with your group member(s) that may have need of this and ask if they are interested.

To learn more about out childcare plans, please click here to access the form. 

3. What Happens At A Connect Group Meeting? 

You can expect to connect with others through a common interest or activity and begin developing life-giving relationships.

4. Are there costs involved in hosting a Connect Group? 

Costs may be associated with certain activities and events of your group. As the Connect Group Leader, it would be helpful to identify general expenses related to your group as well as how your group will share in those expenses.

For example, you may want to provide/purchase the materials that each group member will need to enjoy the activity - or have the group members share in providing/purchasing items related to the activity. Let those interested in your group know so they can prepare and budget.

5. What do I do if something goes wrong in my group, someone needs serious help, or I simply don't know how to answer someone's question? 

We never want you to feel overwhelmed or nervous while leading a group - You should never feel concerned about reaching out to us if you have questions or concerns! 

You can contact Pastor Andy at andysileno@yahoo.com or anyone on the leadership team anytime there is something you have concerns about.

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Thank you for your interest in leading a Connect Group!


Someone on the leadership team will be in contact with you shortly to let you know about the next step.