A wonderful opportunity to teach your children the beauty of worship!

A wonderful opportunity to teach your children the beauty of worship!

Dear parents,


We are so excited to announce that we will be having a children's choir performance for kids ages 4 and up in our Roots ministry on Sunday, December 18th.


The children’s choir will perform “Away in a Manger” and then lead the congregation in worship singing “Oh Come let us Adore Him” accompanied by Chad Sterling on Acoustic guitar.


If your child would like to participate, here are the details:


- We will have a performance at both services on December 18th, so your child would perform at whichever service you were already planning to attend.


- You would check your child into Roots as usual and then head upstairs. There will be volunteer chaperones to help them be where they need to be, when they need to be there. 


- We would love to add a little Christmas touch by having kids dress in simple “Bible Times” attire and would ask that you provide their costume. These could be made with bed sheets, towels, or plain looking bathrobes. A video example can be found on this page.


- Rehearsals will take place in Roots on December 11th, at both services. If your child is planning on participating in the choir, please make sure they attend on this date so they can practice. Please arrive at normal service times and check them in as usual, and rehearsal will take place as a part of kids church.


- Below are the lyrics to the songs we’d love the kids to be able to memorize. Please have them start practicing at home. We will also pass out the song lyrics for the kids to take home.

Away in a manger
No crib for a bed
The little Lord Jesus
Laid down His sweet head

The stars in the bright sky
Looked down where He lay
The little Lord Jesus
Asleep on the hay

The cattle are lowing
The Baby awakes
But little Lord Jesus
No crying He makes

I love You, Lord Jesus
Look down from the sky
And stay by my side
Until morning is nigh

Be near me, Lord Jesus
I ask You to stay
Close by me forever
And love me I pray

Bless all the dear children
In Your tender care
And fit us for heaven
To live with You there
O come let us adore Him
O come let us a adore Him
O come let us adore Him
Christ the Lord