Our lives are marked by big moments. Births, weddings, graduations, retirements, and deaths are some of the most important. But the most important event in a human life is the moment when someone comes to faith in Christ, and that moment, that decision, is meant to be marked by baptism.

It is not an option, it is not a suggestion, it is something we are commanded to do, and it is something which leads to spiritual growth in countless ways.

During this series, we will explore the fact that every follower of Jesus - everyone who is a believer -  is called to Take the Plunge... to be baptized.

MORE THAN WATER l week one

July 1, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

DON'T HOLD BACK l week two

July 8, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

WHY WAIT l week three

July 15, 2018 : : Justin Senesi


July 15, 2018