The Bible is, without a doubt, the most influential book in human history.

Yet most of us have not read it. Why? Because the Bible can seem intimidating.


Where do I start? What does it mean? When was it written?


What if you could take a tour through the Bible? An overview touching on some of the most pivotal passages? That's what this new series is all about.

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THE BEGINNING l week one

July 22, 2018 : : Justin Senesi


July 29, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

BOOKS OF WISDOM l week three

August 5, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

THE PROPHETS l week four

August 12, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

THE GOSPELS l week five

August 19, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

THE LETTERS l week six

August 26, 2018 : : Justin Senesi

REVELATION l week seven

September 2, 2018 : : Justin Senesi